How can I buy property in Greece?

Once you find your dream property in Kefalonia, our lawyers will take care of everything for you. With just a power of attorney, or simply advising and helping you every step of the way if you wish to be more present in the process, our attorneys will deal with everything required until the signing of the final contracts.

How can I sell my property in Greece?

If you have decided to sell your property in Kefalonia, again you can assign us with the project, after you have found your buyer. We will deal with all the professionals included in the process,prepare any paperwork and make sure you receive your money after the sale.  

What about inheriting property?

Whether you just bought a property in Greece and you want to make sure this goes to the right hands after you pass away, or your partner has passed away in Greece and you want to deal with all the relevant legal matters, our firm will take charge and guide you accordingly.  

If I need my documents to be translated or verified?

Our firm has certified lawyers who have a perfect knowledge of both Greek and English language and will make sure your documents will be translated properly and on time.

What is the Apostille stamp?

Apostille is the stamp directed by the Hague Convention. It is required in every civil document used outside the country, whether that is a Greek document that must be used abroad or vice versa. In each case we will take care of it and we will provide you with the correct document.

Do I need to make a will in Greece even if I have one in my country already?

Yes,the best idea is to have a Greek will for your greek estate solely.

I have found a tennant for my house but I don’t know the relevant Greek law

Our attorneys will draft the tennancy agreement based on your personal needs and will make sure this is properly declared at the Greek tax office

I want to open a bank account in Greece. How can I do that?

You will only provide our attorneys with the required documents and they will make sure to open your account in the more suitable to you bank while they will deal with your every day transactions.